Cisco Packet Tracer Download

Cisco Packet Tracer Download

Cisco Packet Tracer Download by Cisco Systems is available for download and installation. If we have already installed the software, we may need to download and install the new version to update. The advanced version is not a significant update, but a bug fix update was fixing only one bug in the earlier version. It is a powerful network simulation app that lets students experiment with network behavior and ask questions.  Cisco Packet Tracer student version is an excellent solution for us. The simulation-based learning environment helps students develop 21st-century skills such as decision making, creative and critical thinking, and problem-solving

Packet Tracer software download is also available only for our windows because it is not compatible for Mac. If we want to run it on a Mac, we need to use software such as VirtualBox or VMWare workstation to emulate MS Windows OS on our PC to run packet tracer. By installing the Cisco Packet Tracer Program, we can prepare the complex structure of a network, experiment with network behavior and, refine our networking skills. The context of Cisco Packet Tracer lets us work on our networking doubts. As it is not always possible to apply the learning in a real-life environment, Cisco Packet Tracer forms a simulation-based learning environment that helps to practice what the networking students learn.

We can create our Network topology by dragging various devices. Some of the tools are available for logical network topology in Cisco. We can also use a simulation model to trace a ping visually.

Cisco Packet Tracer Download is a compelling software from Cisco. By downloading the Cisco Packet Tracer, we can experiment with various test scenarios virtually without using the real device.

We need to continue as a guest user after download and installing Cisco Packet Tracer. We can easily visualize the configuration of our network with it.  After preparing positive and negative test cases of our network configuration, we can test them virtually with this software. By analyzing the test results, we can edit the configuration to fix the problems you observed.

What’s New in the Cisco Packet Tracer?

  • It gives us more flexibility and controls than before.
  • Tables and Racks can be added quickly.
  • We can install and uninstall the tabs within just a few seconds.
  • It has started to support the MQTT protocol.
  • Exporting the projects in .pkg format is quite more comfortable than before.
  • is Packet Tracer Features Review
  • It lets more flexibility for rack and stack.
  • We can add-a-rack and add-a-table with Packet Tracer.
  • We can make a voluntary association between logical clusters and physical clusters of devices.
  • It allows us to install, uninstall, and stop the programming tab.
  • Import and export projects as the .pkp format.
  • Activity Sequencer enhancements have been made.
  • Support for MQTT protocol is added.
  • Allows us to add tables and racks quickly
  • Comes with multiple features that will enable us to connect different devices
  • we’ll also be able to develop our problem-solving and critical thinking abilities
  • we can save our projects in .pkg format
  • Cisco Packet Tracer for the student is designed by Cisco Network Academy and is used as an educational and professional tool. It has many enhanced features; some of these are as follows.
  • Its a free and advanced networking simulation software used to create network topology without any difficulty logically.
  • Advanced Networking concepts like routing protocol can quickly learn by animations from download Cisco Packet Tracer.
  • It assists you in designing and simulating the configuration of the network with drag and drop devices.
  • We can improve our networking skills and learn many advanced network protocols.
  • Latest routers, IE 2000 switch, MCU sensors, smart devices, etc. are also available in Download Cisco Packet Tracer.


  • Well supported– it’s elementary to find documentation on how to do something or a company/person who can do whatever it is we desire to be done for us.
  • Extensive feature set. Cisco offers various open standard and proprietary protocols and options in their code that other vendors lack parity with.
  • Stable system and quick bug fixes. Bugs that cause major operational or security problems have been infrequent, in my experience.
  • Most products have a CLI that is easy to use and understand.
  • Stable products which undergo excessive stress testing.
  • Mostly supports all standard protocols.
  • Large-scale variety of Proprietary Protocols like (Fabric Path, Cisco TrustSec). Which are very good and stable customized to hardware hence are extremely fast?


  • Inconsistencies between products. Cisco has acquired many companies and incorporated their products into Cisco’s portfolio while retaining much of the code base–this leads to several quirks when working in the CLI’s on multiple products.
  • Most GUI software is written in Java and can do a lot of dumb things– correctly the ADSM software used to configure ASA’s.
  • Occasional interoperability issues when connecting to products from other vendors.
  • Software releases can be a bit confusing, as figuring out which features you’re getting is not always clear.
  • Pricey very costly and the lot was licensing terms and conditions.
  • Although interoperable you can harness the real power of the hardware in most cases when you Cisco Ecosystem.
  • Bad GUI but it is improving.

System Requirements:

  • Minimum screen resolution1024 x 768 pixels
  • Free hard disk space of 700 MBs
  • 4GB RAM recommended, but it can also work on computers with 2GB RAM
  • Minimum Pentium 4 (25GHz)
  • Works with Windows 7, 8.1 & 10, and Linux Ubuntu 14.94 64-bits
  • our laptop must also have a sound card

Cisco Packet Tracer: Simple Steps to Download For Free

  1. Download packet tracer from
  2. Run the installer file.
  3. Follow onscreen instructions.
  4. Fun the program and log in. We can also log in as a guest.
  5. It’ll be redirected us to the main window.
  6. we can access the necessary tools from the action panel.
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Cisco Packet Tracer Download
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